Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig--Tree. · 4 { but et good ·rrel b~ingeth forth good Fruit: Do Men gather Grapes of :'fh£Jr11s, or figs of crhijfles (k). A Man rou11: be good, clfe he can bring forth no good Fruit; he n1uft ha,,e Righteoufnds imputed, tpat may itand good in God's Sigh~ ~rom the Curie of the ,Law. He mui! 'have a l)r inci plc · of Righteoufncfs in his Soul, elfc how 1hould,hc bring forth good ·Fruit£ ; and hence it is, · that a Chriftian's Fruits are called, 'Ihe f ruits of tbe Spirit ( l), the Fruits of Righteouf- -mfs, ~which tlre by J eflts Chrt.Ji (m). · 'I he Fruits of the .S pin r, thererore the Spirit muft be t~ere ; the Fruits of P--- ighteouir.efs, therefore Hi gh~.f'ouf­ - nets mu re ji1ji be there: But t_9"/ parciculariz.e in a. few 1~ hin gs briefly. ' 1 irjf, God expecreth. Fruit that will anfwer, and be worthy of the Repen- · t ance which thou teignefr thy{clf to have. l£,ve·ry one in a Profdlion, and that h?.th crc uded into the, Vineyard,' pre'tendeth to Repentance: Now of every fu ch Soul, God __expet1:eth that the Fruits of E.epent an,cc be found to attend · (k) Luke vi , ~ 3· 441'.4· 5'· Matt. vii. 16, IJ, ·IP, 1 19 , ~ 20 . (/) GaL V. zz, 2 3 . (m ) Phil. i. LI.