Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

42 T he B ttrren Fig-Tree. tend then1. Bying forth therefore Frt;~its trtect for Rtpentance (11), or anfwerable to thy Profdlion of the J)oCl:rine of Repentanc~ . Barren Fig.-tree, , Seeing thou.' art a ~~ofefior, and art got into the Yin<;yard, thou fta.n,<;le:ft'-betore the Lor,l of the Vineyard , as one of the 'T' recs ~of the Garden : Wherefore he looke th for Fruit from thee, as -frorn the rejl of t he ·Trees in the Vi r. e \'ard ; Fruits (o), I fay, a_nd [ztch as ~1a.y declare thee -in I-f ear t and-' L-ife, ·(me that h l th - made found P rot ·flion of R e ~· e nt a nce. By thy Pr_ofeilion thou hafl: .Lfid, I am, fetljible of the Evil ~f Sin : N ow then, live fuch a L ife, as decla:res that thou · ~rt fenfible of (he Evil .of Sin. By 'thy Profcffion rbO'u~--~aft faid, I ctm forry for 'lnJ' Si 11 :_ 'vy7h y tben live fuch ,a .Life as rnay_d'cdarc tbis. So~row. By thy . Frofdlioq thou hait faid, I vlrrt ajhamed .of ffl)' Sin (P ) : ~ Aye, but live (uch a 'Life, t hat 1\1''n may fee thy ~hame for Sin ( q). By thy Profeffiqn th;eu _i~yeit, I have turned jro1-n, a·11d left ~ff, tJ'i1d am be,·ome ( ' ' tr~- ··· 0 ' ' ' 'T)'l\' lb .. ·r • u 1 ittJ (Jl C. 1\1. o ~~~ 1a • 1. 4· . XXXVhl . \l-• Jhid. x1. 1 z .. (p) !bid xxxviii . 18. Ha ~ lix. 2 .:. (q) Jcr xxx1. r ; .