Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

· The Barren Fig-Tree. 43 become an Enemy to every AppearatJce of 'Ervd (r): Ah! But cloth thy Life and Convcriation declare thee to be fuch an , one ? T'ake heed, barreri I ig· 'tree, left thy Life fhould give thy Protcffion t:he Lye.' I fay again, 1'ake heed, for Go ll himfelf will come for Fruit; Af}d , he fought lruit there,n;. You have fome Profdfors, that are only Saints b>efore Men, when they.ara .Abroad, but are Devils a·no ·\ fi.pei·s at Home; Saints by Profdlion, bur ~evils. by PraCtice; Saints in Word ; but Sin .. ners in Heart and Life. 'Thefe l';1en may have the Profefiion, bu t they w·~nt the Fruits that become R tpentatzce,. Barren Fig-tfee / Can it be itnag:1Dcd that thcf~ that, paiJJt tbemfdves, d id ever repent Qf 'their Pride; or that thofe that purfue this Wo.rld, did ever ~ repent . of theit· Covetot~(1.ufs ; or that tho'(c who walk wi th wanton Eyes , did ever repent o f theirftefh6' Lr~fis. VVh :: re, barren I ig-tree., is the Fruit of thcfe :Peoples RepeBtanc~ ? Nay, do they n~t rather <-iecla:re to the \V orld; 'Tbcrt they have repented of tbeir Profelfi~n .? · U lClr (r) Atls xxvi. I 8 ~ ~ Theff ,v. 4Z. ,