Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

44 The BarretJ Ftg.:rree• . l their Fruits look as i_f they ha,d. Their. ~1 Pride faith, they have. repented 0fthe·ir Hamili(y; their . Co~Jetoitfnefs declareth, . that they are weary of depe~tding upon -God; ai1d doth ·not th-y wanton ~t\ctions declare, that tho~ abhorreji Chajiity ? Where is thy [ruit, barre1J .Fig-tree ? Repentance is not only a Sorrow, and a Shame for, but a turning from Si'n to God ( s) ; it is called RepetJtance jr01n · dead w·orks_ . .. Haft thoq. that. godly " Sorrow, that worketh Repenta11ce to Sat- ~attotJ, tie1"Jer to be repeuted of ( t)? How t1ofi: thou fhew thy ~ Caretulnefs, and clearing of thyfclf; thy Indignation . , ~gairJl Sin ; i by Fear of oHending; thy vehenicnt Def1rc to waik witn God; thy Zeal for his Name, and Glory in the \Vorl~ ~ anJ.' what Rc.vengc hail . thou in thy Heart againft every Though!: of Difobedi ence ·? _ But -where is the Fruit of -this RcFentance ? vVhere is thy . w ·atching, !hy Failing, thy Pr~yir.g againft the l\.cma1nders of Corruption? vVhere is ~ thy Self:..abhorrencc; thy Blu!hing betore God for the Sin that is yet behind? vVhe.re ~ (>) . Heb, ~·i. (t) z(m;.vii. 101 . I~.