Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

. The Barren Fig-'t;;ee. 45 Where /~s thy Tendernefs of the Nan1e of God and his Ways ? Where is thy · Self-denial and Contentment ? How doft thou fuew before JYJen, the Truth of thy turni~g _t'o Go~? .fl!'_~ _tbou re,.:. nounceti the btddetJ Thtngs of Dijhonefty., not waJki11g i,1 Covetou(Jiefs ( u) ? Canft thou commend thyfel£ to every M11ls CoJJfci~nce in the Sight of God? (lnd he fought Fruit thereo11. Secondly, God expeaeth Eruits that foa/J anfwcr that i· aith which thot~ m;keft _ProfeJ!iotl of 'The Frofdlor that:is got into the Vineyard of od, ·doth teq~u . that he bath the Fa1th~ rhe F ,1ithrnoft holy, the Faith of GNi' s EleB . Ah ! but where are ~by Fru1 ts., barren Figtree ? '.fbe Faith of · the l~omans <WtJS [poke~z of throughout the 1.vhole World; and the Theffalonians t aith gre'z.f) excee4i n.{)y. Thou profdleit to believe thou h .dt a · Share in another Wol'ld; Haft thou l,et / gc) this, barren Fig-tree ? Thou profeffeft thou believcfl~ ' in Cbrijl; Is he thy Joy, and the Life of thy SoriJ? Yea, ~) z C·Ol'. iy. 2 .