Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

46 " · The Barren Fig-r'r.ee. Yea, what Conformity unto Hitn, to his So'rrqws and Suffcrings ? \Yhat Refen1blance hath his CryiQg (x) and Groaning, and B.Ieeding, and l)ying ·wrought ,in thee ? Doft thou bear .in , thy BG>-dy the Dying of t_he Lord Jefus ? /bid is alfo the Lift of·Jefus made manife.fl in thy .mortal Body ? ' :Barren Fig- tree, , Shew. me thy }aith by thy Wo·rks (y). Shew·pttt of a good Converfatio11 thy U~orks with A1eekneft ·ofJVifdom. · What Fruit, W-hat Fruit, Barren Fig- .' tree, whi:lt Degr;e .of HetJrrt-Holinefl·? for Faith purifies the Heart (a;) : What Love to the Lord J ffus ? for }q.ith worketh by Lovet(a). · ~hirdiy., God~ expeCt-et}) F-ruits, t~c-­ ~cording to the 8etJfons of .Grac_e thcu-art -under, according to the Rain that com,. tCth:upon thee. l'erh~ps taou. art . plant- ' • -ed in a good Soil, ·by g~e~t Waters, that thou ~ighteft bring f0rrhBr;lnches, 2nd bear Fruit; that thou tnightdl: be ~ a goodly Vine er Fig-tree .: .Shall he not therefore frek for Fruit, .fer Fruit a;tfwerable to the Met~-ns ·? Ba.rren Fig-- tree; (i~ PniL iii. 8, 9, 10. (y) James ii. 18. lbid iii. 15. {z) Ath xv. g. .. ·: ~a.) Gal; v. 6.