Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-rree. 47 tree, God expects h, and will find it too, if ever he blcfs thee. For·the Earth which dri11ketb in the·Rain that {:Jmes oft upon .it, and bringeth forth lie,rbs meet for bim by •lJJhom it is dreffid, re£eives Blefling . jro1n God; but that which beareth c.Jhorns and Briars is reje8ed, aJtd is nigh unto Curling', ?i.!hofe End is to be burnt (b). · Barre11 Soul/ How many Showers of ·G'race, how Inany l)ews fro1n Heaven, how man.y times have the SilverStreams · of the City of God rttn gliding .by thy Roots, to caufe thee to bringforth I ruit(c)/ 1 Thefe Showers and Streams, dand the Drops that hang upon thy Bopghs, lvill be accounted for (d) : An1 will they not teftify aga.infr thee, that thou . oughteft of right to .1be ·bur1Jt (e) :1 Hear, · and tremble, 0 thou b11rren Profeffor! Fruits that become the Profejjion ,of the . Go(pel, the God of Heaven e~petiet·h~ (j). The Gofpel hath · in it Forgivcnefs of Sin~, the . ;Kingdon1 ·.of Heaven, and' eteri1al Li fe (g) : Bu t what Fruit ha rh . thy Profeilion 'o( a Belief o[ ·· thefe · ' 'Thi11_gs (/;) Heb . vi . 7, 8, : (() Rom. i . I 3 (d) Co1 • iv. 5, 6. (e) _2 Cor. viii . 5· (f ) Ath iv. 32. (g) ;. Cor. vi. :zQ. ,