Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

A 4 8 The Barren F ig-1ree. Things put forth · in t:hy Heart and ~ J Life ? Haft .thou given .thJfetf to the Lord~ and is all that thou haft, to be ' ventured for his Name in this \Vorld.? ·Doft thou walk like one that 1s bough~ with a Price, E-t.VetJ the P!i~e of ChrijJ.' s pre~ious Blo~ ?- · . · _ , . . Fourthly, The Fruit. that God ex· _ pecteth is' fuch, as is meet for biinfe!f; Fruit that may glorify God:_ God's :rrces are crrees of Righteouf1Jefs, the ' planti11g of the LCJrd~ tha~ he may be glarified (h); Fruit th4t tajfeth of H::aveu, ./ibtuJdance_cof fuch Fruit : For he~·&iH, faith Chrift, is my Father glorified, that · ye bring forth much Fruit (i) . Fruits of all kinds, new afjd -old, the Fruits of ; the Spirit is in all Goot/tJefs, a11d ~ight~-: ouftJefs, aNd -'Truth.. Fruits before the World, _Fruits befor~ the Saintt, Fruits before God, Fruits befor~ Angels. " 0 my Brethren ! )¥hat m.anner ef Perfons ought we to be, wh~ have fubfcribed to the Lorcl, and have called , ourfdves by the _Name ,of ~(rael r .O;z: j - jbcJil fay, I am the Lord.$;. a11d a:wt/aer . jhtlll c,aJJ bimfelf by.t .he 1Vam~, of J~cob; ' ,.. - and {b) Ifaiah lxi. 3· r (i} John xv. s:'.·" .. 4