Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

, The Barrnz Fig-Tre~. · 49 a11ti a11other Jl!allfubfcribe with his Hand ttnto the Lord, andJirnaine himfolfby the Name of I~nial (k). Barren Fig~~ree, :. haft thou ·fubfcribedt haJt tltou called thy.fdf by the N anie of Jacob, and t jiri1amed thyfelfby the Name of Ifrael? · All ' tbis tpou ·pretendeft. to (I), who art got ilito the Vin-eyard, · who art placed arnong ·the Trees of the Garden of God : God cloth thcxefore look for Juch Fruit as· is wortliy of his !fame, as · is .n1eet for him: ·As the · A poftle faith~ ·we.jhottld walk. worthJI of God'; th~t is, fo as that we n1ay ·fl1ew in every Place, that the Prcfence of God is with us, . his Fear in us, aud his Majefty anct , Authority upon our .ilBions.. . Fruits meet fo~ him, fltch a Dependance upon hirn, fu~h Trutt in his Word, fucb S!ltisfaEtion in his hefence, Jttch a trufting of him with alL my Concerns, and fuch Delight in the Enjoym~nt of him;' , that ,ma.Y demfmjlrate that his Tear is in my Heart, that my Soul is wrapt · up ia him_, arid that my Body and Soul, and t • ~ftate, and all, are .in 'fr:uth, th_rough hi-s Grace, at his Difpofe. Fruit m1et C ~ for (k)' Ifaiah xifv·, 5· (/) I Theff.ii. 12,