Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

' .50 , _ T~e ·Barren Fig-Tre.e~ for him', Hearty ri:~harrks; ~nd bleffing . God . fot: J~fus Chrift, tor . his good Word, . f~r his Free.Grace, for the . ])ifcoverr .of himfclf in Chriil: to :rhe Souls, fecret Longing afrc:t at.,othc.r , World, :fi'ruit meet for hirn .. ·Liberality to the poor Saints, to the poor World; _ ' a Life, in Word and 'Deed exernplary, a ;patient and quiet e.nduring of all Things, till I have dor1e. and fuffered the whole W~ll of God, which ·hc bath appointed ·..for me. · Ihat on the good . Grtiund are the;', wb.icP, .i:n a1J JJoneji and ' gc~d Heart, having he~r,d,the Word, keep it,andbringfortb ~:-ruit with ,P atience( m). This is bringing forrhJi'ruit ur~to GoJ. Ji.avif!g our Fruit tnJto ijoli11efs, and .our F..n.deverlajli1jg Lije; l-\.on1. vii. 4· vi. 22. and xiv. 8~ . · F~fihiy,, 'The Lord_ ext)ects F.rui t be- &Qmin,g" the Vi~t~yttrd nj God. 'The Vineyard, faith he, is a ver;'-frrfitjul I-Ii/t(r~); witnefs the Fruit brortght jotth in alt ./iges: The moft barren ,frees that ever · grew in the VVood of this VV:orld, when ·planted in this Vineyard, by the God of , HetJ'tPen, what Fruit to Godw8.rd have they