Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The B11rren Eig-Jree. 51 they ~ brqught forth ? Abet oWered the · tuore excellent Sacrifice ( o). Enoch walketl with God ,1hree l-!tendreei nars; Noah by his Life of Faitlt, C()mJemHiti the World, a11d became Heir of the Righte-: oufnefs which is by Iaith. Abrahan1)~jt · hts Countr)', a1~d went out after God, !iOI knowing .rz.vhit/Jcr he weJJt. · Mofes lctt a . Kingdom, a11d t·u-t:J t/:;: Haza;-d of the Wrath of the Ki11g, for the Love he had to ·God and.Chrift. What fuall I fay of then1 who ' had Trials' 110t a;ccpting D.eliverance, that they' might obtain tJ be,tter Refttt'reeiion ? {ht-y 'Were j~oned, theJ were fawn. a:funder, were tempted, were jlaitJ with tf.1e S4.vord: r.t'C)' 'Wij'I'Jdt:ruJ about in Sheeps-ski ,,s a11d GoatJ ...Jki r;s, beiflg dejlitt-tte, affi!Bed., tormented. Peter left his Father, Sltip, and i'Jets (p). J> aut tun~ed off from the Feet of Gu.- . maliel. , .1\{en brought their Goods and Poiidfions, (the Price _of th~m) and caft it d'own at the Apofr!es Feet; and . others brought their Bcoks together, an,d ;burnt: them, ~urious Books, though they were worth Fifty rl:o?tja11d Pieces C :l , . of (o) Heb. xi. 4-, to 37. (i) 1\IIatt, iv. 18, 1 ~·