Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

Tf1e B~1rren~ Fig""!Tre-e~ J9; all thy Boughs, he will be with thee inr thy Hcd--fruits,,. thy Midnight~fruits, j thy S:tofet-~r~its, tl~·Y Fa~Uy.-:fru-its~ f thy Converfanon-Jruns, to fee tfr there ·' be any among all theie, that are fit for, ur '"o~th y of the N. ame of the God ot :t-T eavcn~ . · He fees r;phat the Children of· Ifrael do in the Dark., Ez·ek. viii. J 2. • ..lilt Tbiugs are epen' iento the E)'es of bin~ with who·m we h::.ve to do, He b. iv. I .Z. ) . . 8eeki11g Frtti~ 011 [this] Figrtree~. Obft:rrz.,e,. l told y,ou before·,.·' tha.(he ' keer 5 ,jn rem-etnbrance the rfinH~~ and\, Scafons that the barren Pn;fdlor had wickedly mif fpent: Now, for as-,r.nucn 1 · as' he aHc) pointeth out tht; Fig-tr~e,, ffhis J•ig 'Irt,e) it fheweth thtit: the barren. Pr~ fc{fbr, above all Profcifors; is a con-· tinual Odium to the Eyes of God. . :rhi:J· Pig-tree, 1hi.s JV1an Coniah (f)1 . 'Thi$ People dra~ 1iigb 1f!te with thetr Mouth,._ . /Jut have :Pc1uoved thei't Ffearts .far from~ n~e {gJ God knows <Zvhothey ~rt:. among · all the ihoufands of Ifi·aeJ.,. tb.a.t are the barren and truitlcds. J?roi~lfo:n~; his L()t' will faU u.pou the Head o:f .il&ha1J!.,_ t.ho!" C 6 he (/)· J:e 1 r.. xxii. ~z:g:., ~1· Ifa-xx.~. it$- Ivr..ett ~ JQT .. &.. '