Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

.6o- 'fhe B.n"ren Fig-Tree. he be hid an1ong Six Hundred TbotJfand ~en. 4nd he brought hiJ Hottjhold, Ma1t b)' Man, att{i_ Achan, the SetJ of Carmi, the S.on of Zabdi, the SotJ of Zerah, of the :rribe of Judah, wqs taken (h). 1his is ,the ._.1cfan, ..this is the Fig-tr'ee, this ia the barren Profefior. · ' Slniile : 'There i~ ' .a. Man bath ail Hundred trees , in his ~Vineyard, .and ~t the 1'iine of the Seafon, he walketh into his Viney~rd to fee fio,v the' ,..frecs Rburifh, and'a:s he goes, and vievys~ and .pries, and obfcrves how _they are,hanged with Fruit; behold ! he ·cotnes to one where he findet:h nought- but Leaves . .Now he makes a Stand, looks upon it ~gain and again; he loo~s alfo here apd 'there, above and b'dow, and if after all this feeking, heji1idJ nothtng hiit Lea'"'0·es . thereon, then qe begins to ca1t in 1V1ind, ho-w he may know this Tre~ next Year., :what 11ands next it~ or how far 'tis otf the Hedge ; but if thet:e be nothing there that 1nay be as a 1\·1ark to kno·w .., it J>y, then he ~akes his Hook, and give-th it a private !v1at.K~ (a!Jd the Lorcl ' .[et a Mar$. ttport Cain) ( i), faying, Go thy {h) Jofu vii. 17, 18. (i) Gen. iv.