Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The BurrttJ Fig-Cfree. 67 Cut it down• ..-fhcre he tu•o Ways of cutting down. Firfl) , Wher1 a Man h caft out of the Viney~rd. . ·Secondly, V\"hen a :tvfan is caft out of the \\/orld. F'irP, \V hen a Man is cafi .out ef the V i ney ;~rd· · A~ d fhat is done two Ways. 1 B . M'J imm ~ diate Hand of Go,J 1 2. BJ' the C h~rch.'s due lfxecuti .. n ~f the l-t~WJ a·nd Cr. n{t4res ?.vhicb Cbrifl for ' that l'urpofe ha th ltjt tvirh his Chu rch. Firjl, God cu ts down t_he Barren Fig· tree by an im r;~~edi:zte Z:-I:md, fmiting his Roors, b!aHing his Branches, and fo takes him away from among his People. \ 1Evcry Branch' Crit A Clirift, that beareth ' 1u1t Fruit in me, fie, my Farher, taketh tnv.q (x ). He take th him Ol.Jt of ,the Church , l-Ie takrecl1 hin.1 away from the Godly. Th~ rc are two ] hings by · which God ta keth the barrer1 Profdfv·r · ' f: om among the Chlld ren of God_. Fidt, St;~ng D~:lr•Jions . Seconily, Open l~rrfa1 mn.e{s · Firjf, By ftrong Delufions (y), fuch as (x) John xv. 2. (y) Ifaiah lxvi. 3, 4..