Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barre:"J Fig-'Iree. ' 69 ~ with his beaftly Lufts, he ffiall be over... c01ne of tin godly Cornpany. Thus rhey that turn afide to their own crooked · Ways, The Lt;Jrd jhc; ll lead ·them forth wirb the Workers of In iquity ( c).. This is w1th - God's~ Hand immediately : God is now _deal-ing with this Man himfe(f Birren Fig. tret:J he.a rken·: Thou art crouded· inro a Prqfeffi.on., art got amopg the Godly, and the re arc a Sc ~tndal to the holy and glori ous ,Gofpei; but · wi"th~l fo cunning, that like the S@!U of Zer-. viah ~ thou art too· h ~rd fE>r the C hurch: She know·s not hov.r to deal with thee ·: Well, , faith God:/ I will deal · wi rh 'that. :. '- Man my fel f: .l 1viU an_rwer th?t t Mdn by m;{elf (d); he t~at [ets up his Idols in his Hea r·r ~ and put s the Stumb ing·b lock of his Iniquit y before ·his Fdce, and ye t · comes and_ appears. before 1ne. I will [e t my F;u,eagain fl that tt1an) ~ and will make him a Sicgn ar;J a Proverb;, and .I 'JUitl cut him offfrom the midft of' my l-'e op!e, and }e11-lall kn,sw that ~{ ~m the Lord. · · But, Secondly, God doth fometimes cut down the barret~ Fig ... tree -by the Church, by the Cnurc.h>s due·Execu;a ·on of che-Laws and Cenfures, which _, , Cht-i.& Pfal~ cxxv. 5· (d) Ezek. xiv. 7, 8 ~