Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

7e - The · B,lrrnz Fig;-Tree. Chrift for that Pu~pofe hath left with his Church (e), This is, the MeaniPg · of that in it1.att. xviii. x 'Cor. v. and that in Timothy({), upon which now ,J 1hall .not enlarge. But which Way foevcr God dealeth whh thee,_ 0 thou b:z,.- ren Fig-tree, whether by ~imfelf immetUately, or ·by his C.hurcH1 it etmou n. s to one and the fame. For if timely R.epentance preven_t not, The End of that Soul is Damnation: . They are blafh'd and ·withered, and gachere.d by Men, God's ~nemies, and at !aft being . caft into the· Fire, Bu,-ning mu{! be their Entl (g). That which beareth Bria1·s and fho t nJ, is -nigh unto Curjit;g, wbofe ·_ End is .to be bur.nt (h) . . But again, fom·etimes by Cut it JrnYn, / God means, Caft it out ,of the World .:. f Thus ne cut do.wn NaJab and Abihu, , j when he b~rnt them up wit h Fire fro r.•l-. Heaven (i). ~Thus he cut do:u;n Corah, Dathan an~d Abira.n1, when ,he made rhe· Earth to fwr..llou_' thtrn up ( k).· Thus he e~t-t do1vn Saul, wher; he ga-ve him up to fall ' up ~m (e) ·Matt. ,~iii. 17, -i~L (f), 1 Ti'm. i zo. (g) John xv. 6 (h) Heb. vi. 8 . (i) Lev. x. 1, z, 3· (k) Numb. 4vi. 31, 3z, 33· ('