Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-rfr·ee. -77 ' In this P.:;;tirion there1 are Six 'Things coni'idera bfe. , Firfl . . ThcH Juft'ice might: be deferred.. _0 that Jufike m)ght be defe·rred! Lri~J, . · let it al"'ne, &c a \\' hile longer.. . Seco~d!y, I-Iere is a Time prefixed, as . a Sp~Zce to try if 1nore Means will cure a barren Fig-n·ee, LorJ, ltt if 1done this · ' Ttar al(o. Thi;dlr, The Means to help it, are I propouncled, Until I ;"bait. dig about it, and dung it · Fourthly, I-I ere is alfo an Infi_nuation' of a Suppotirion, rh~c by thus doing, God's Ex-pecbnion n1ighc be anfwered, Arul ~f it bear Fruit, W eU. Fifrbly, _.. Here is a ~uppo_ fit!on that the b~rren Fig -~ree £i.n ay y;; t d bide barren, when ·Chrift bath d'Hh:! wl~at he will unto ir, And i/ it bear Fruit, &c Sixthl_y, f-Iere is at laft a Re fo' _u.d0-n, that if thou continue ba rre n, "Jewi~;g Davs 1vi!L come ufon tbee. And if i l bear "' 1£ J · ~ r ,.{; l , Fruir. v;e. ; A1; tf not ; tfJcn aJter'to:tt , h " t "t ] t cu YJ .-;i ! cut t ,r10iJ.m. But to pr~.;ceed according to ~y for. n1er ~l~tbod) by way ,of E.xpofl'~ion.