Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

~ 7.8 Th~ Bar.rfn 1/ig-iJ*ree. LarJ, let ic ~lone tb_is Year al/o. l-1ere i's aftoni fh ing ,Grace- ind -: ec1 ! af1cnifhi~ 1 g' Grace, 1 'fay, that rhc Lord - Jdus fhould concern himfdf wirh ?· ba1ren F' ig tHe; that l-Ie iliould ftcp in tO fave rhe B ~ow from a barren Fig t:·ei· T .ue, I-t~ Hop-e the Btow· ~ ~a for a· Th1e : n~~t w11y did Q€ ftop - H :-• a !I? \.Vhy did lk ·not fez eh out the . A·-.. e? Why cfid he J~ Otc. do f.xecut;on? •,. - Why did he f;'! ( lt CL t ic down? 8 Jrrt:nFig· tree ! ' t is \Vel{ for t hec rhat che re is a J efus-nc G'od's Rigr<t h'and, a Je., fus of t hat cx ren1ive Goodnefs~ as to have C om paffion for a barnn Fig t-r(e, Or juftice h:AJ ne·ver let rhee alone tO c nn ber the Gro:1nd :15 th'ou haft done. Vl hen I{ra~l :t ;f.~ l~ ad fin ·n~~ a ~gain11 God, down ~h ,__ y h.ad gone, but · that 1h~{es HoGd inrhe BreaclL Let me _alrme, . .faid God ro him, tbat I Tf !l)' cori[ume tbem - in !I l0om: n:, flnd T 11·iU ma.ke (;[ I , t het a grectt 0l ~t icrJ a) B ,ur_en Fig- ;ree,' Dofi thou !1e:.1n. Thou knoW~:' it not how ' ofr the Hand of Divine Jufiice , hath