Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The BL1rren Fig-Tree. 7 J hath been up ,to !lrike, and how n1any Y ~: ars' fince thou hadft been cut Jown, had - not Je(us c~ugbt ho!~ of his Fathe r's Axe? Let me alone, let n1e fer eh , n1 y B:ow, or cut it dewn, w.hy c:1mbreti . it the Grnun_d? \Vii r thou nor hear yet, b :r'rtn Fi.g-trer? Wilt thou provc,ke fiill ! Th.ru haft wt.ari"J Men, and provoke.d the J uftice of God .,; AnJ wilt thou 'WtA,TI . my Cbrill al{o (b) ? .. - .· · LorJ, t tit alcne this Year. -{ _! --- - - [ord, a little long er, let not a Sout_ be loft fo r . w~ ne:- of \.leans ; l will try, J will fe·e if I can n1~ke ic fruitful; ·I wilt n;.> t f·t ~ a long l,ife, nor that it n'ighr ~ill ne b~uren, and fo provok~ thee. 1 beg fo :· the fake of .the Soul~ ' the imrn orc;.d Sotd, Lor.d, fparc ir one 'Y e ~ r o nly , one y.-~;1r longer, rhjs Year alfo; 'if Jrlo any . (; ood ro ir, it will he in il lirde TLne. Thou fhalc nor be ' oVer-wearied with waitirg_, one Year,.. and rhen 1-?arr rn Fi[! · tree, Doft rhou hear what S~r'ivin~ there is herwccn the · Vine- .. ,D 4 dreffer {b) Ifaiah vii. 1 3·