Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Ba:rrnt· Fi[,-rYee. I· 4:1oubt i;t i:s too n1uch Ground-bound·.: 'I'be Love of this !Vorld, and' the Deceit;.. fulnefs of Riches (e}, lie t0o clofe .to the · R OO'tS of the Heart of this Profeffor. '"fhe Love of Riches, the l,ove of Hot~ours, thy Love of Pleafures, ·are the 1,.horns that choak the Wor1d.. For · alr . tbat ·i:s in the World, tbe· Luj!J of the , Flefh, the Lufls rf the Eyes, {md the· Pride of Life, are not of ~he Father (but are . Enmity' to God) (d). H0w then (where thefe Things bind up the I-Jeart); , can there/ be Frui-t' brought fQ,rth_ tO• God? Barren Fig· tree, See how ' the Lord Jefus,· by thefe very Words, fuggefteth the. Caufe- of thy Frujtlefsnefs of: Sou f. The '"fhinz s. of this W or1d lie too clofe to t_hy Het7r( ; the Earth widt ' its rfhings , have bound up lhy Roots. 'l:hou art an Earth-bound Soul,. thou art wraj;t ·up in tbi.ck· Clay.. lf any Ma1Z! love · the Wo:ld, Pbe Love of t;he ·Father is not in hint. How · then can he ·be ' fruitful in · the Vineyard ?· 1'L1is keptr: ]udas (e) fron1 the Fru-it of caring for · the Poo.r. This kept Demas (j} from {c-), Luke xiV->. {11} John xii. 6.. · If) 5 the (li)\ I! J 1 oh.n:, ir. 11 5• X:Oi.o ..: 1 1 1 (j )) 2t Tim.. LV.- LQ).. '