Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

90 - ~ The -Barren Fig-Tree. I fo tried. with my Meanj, with the Gofpe(,_ I have bid alfo the fat and l:>ea_rt_y Dung of the Gofpel to it ; but all "comes to nothing. · Father, I ·qeli- - v~r up .this -"ProfdTor to thee again, I have don_t, ,r hav(: done all ; · I have d&ne praying, and endeavuoring ; I will held the Head ,of thin.e Axe no longer: ... Take him i'nto the I-Ja~ds of J ufl:ice, do Juftice, do the Law, I will -never beg for him more. Afte! that_, . thott" · jbalt -cut it dc·w11. Woe · unto: them, whtr; · I depart from . them (s.) .· Now is ~ this Profeffor left naked indeed, naked to..-· Goo, naked to s;tan, naked to Sin, . naked to tlw Law, naked to Death, - naked- to"' Htll (t); naked to . Judgment, a-nd . naked to the Gripes of .a lguilty Cor;fcien>ce, and to the Torment of that vVorm 'tHat never dies, · arid to that 'Fire that never ,fnall be q~1end1eci. ·- See that ;·e · reftift not him that jjeakelb ; for if they efcaJed' not :a 1.c;ho reftfeth hi?n that .fpake o;z Earth, -much more (hall not we efcape, if we turn away fo·om hint' that fpeaketh from Hea•z:en. (s) Hole~ ix. t z. 45_, 46, +7' 48. (t) Mark ix, 43, 44,-