Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

To th~ REAnE· R. v That tl1ey might raife their thoughts from childifh toys, . - · To heaven, for that's prepared for girls and boys. Nor would I fo confine mvfelf to thefe,. As to !bun graver thing;>, but feek to pleafe Thofe more compos'd with better things thaa: toys; Tho' 1 would thus-be catching girls and boys. Wherefore if men' incltned' are to-look, Perhaps their graver fancies may be took 1 With what is here, tho' bat in homely rhimcs·: But he who pleafes all mufi rife betimes. Some, .I perfuade me, will be finding fault,. Concluding,. here 1 trip, and there I halt : No do~1bt fome : could thofe grovling n~tion,s ra1fe By fine-fpun terms, that challenge might the bays. Should all be forc'd their brains to lay afide That cannot regulate the flowing tide; By this or that man's fancy, we fhould have .· The wife, unto the fool, become a !1ave. \Vhat tho' my text, feems mean, my moral s be Gtave, as if fetch "d from a fublimer tFee. And if fome better handle can a fly, Than fome a·text, wherefore !hould we &·nv ' Their mak ing proof; or good experiment, ' O f fmalldi 1hillgs, great mifchiefs to prevent? As