Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

o1- .DIVINE EMBLEMS But why frand off? My prefence _{hall not throng thee, 'Tis not my venom, but thy fin cloth wrong thee, Come, I will tca~h thee wifdom, do but hear me, I was n1~de for thy profit, .do not fear me. ' But if thy God tho'u wilt not hearken to, What 'can the [wallow, ant, and fpider do? Yet I will fpeak, I can but be reje8ed, Sometimes, great !hings, by fmall means are ' effe8ed. . Hark then, tho' man is noble by creationt ~-:le's lafped now to fuch degeneration As not to grieve, fo carelefs is he grown,. Tho' he himfelf has fadly overthrown, And brought to bondage every earthly thing,. Ev'n from the very' fpider to the king: This we poor fenfitives do feel and fee; For fubjeH to the curfe you made us be. Tread not upon me, neither from me go ; 'Tis man which has brought all the world t@· · -woe. · The law of my creation bids me teach thee; 1 will not for thy pride to God impeach thee. 1 fpin, I weave, and all to let thee fee. Thy befi: performances but cobwebs be. Thy glory now is brought ~o fuch an ebb; It doth not much excel the fpider's web. My