Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

' 44 I Dl'Q'IN E EMBLEl\fS Found in her, would be bundled up togethef;. · When all her all is lighter than a feather. He holloos, runs, and cries 0ut, Here boys,. here,. Nor cloth he brambles or the nettles fear: He fiumbles at th€ mole-hills,. up he gets,. And runs agaiq( as one bereft of wi~s; And all his J.abour and this large out-cry, ls·oniy for a fill) Butter- fly .. CO. MPARISON.· · This little boy an emblem is of thofe; Whofe hearts are wholly at the world's difpofe; The Butter-fly ·doth rcprefent to me;. The world's befi things at befi but fading be, All are but painted nothings and falfe joys;. Like this poor Butter-fly to thefe our bo His running thor-ough nettfes, thorns and .To gratify his boyifh forid defires; His tumbling ~ver male-hills to attain . His end, namely his Butter-fly to gain; Doth plainly fhew what hazards fo.me men· To get what will be lo:ll as foon as won. Men feem in choice, than children far more wife, Becaufe they run not after 'Butter-flies: When yet alas! for what are empty toys,. 1 hey follow children, like to beardlefs boys.- XXIII. Of