Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

46 DIVINE EMBLEMf When !he recovers, up !he gets again, And at the candle come's with might and main .But now behold, the candle takes the Fly, And holds her, till !he cloth by burning die. COMPARISON. This candle is an emblem of that light, Our gofpel gives in this our darkfome night.. The Fly a livelypiEl:ure is ofthofe That hate, and do this gofpel-light oppofe•. At lafi the gofpel cloth become their fnare, Doth them with burning hands in pieces tear. XXIV. On tlie Rijing of the Sun. LO 0 K., look, brave Sol doth peep · from beneath, ' Shews us his g()ldingJace, cloth on us br.eathe