Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a abáce a3.+dapreclrmdfplrit. thehigher the life,ttiegreater the pow. er ;oúly f pis its therefor; arenot mix_ lancholy, for melancholy Makes dill, but they arealive and lively , though they may bee,heavy and fad , ifput to forne icnployrnent. riot Eatable to their fpirits ; but put them upon fpiritu. dl itnployments, and thenyou (hall finde them lively and attive.; when they have todal with God, when drawing rear unto him in fpirituall exercifes, then they are full of , they are fervent in fpií ir, ferving the Lord, as Km. r 2. z z Boyling in fpirít fo the word lignifes) when ferving tit- Lord. The fffefuall fervent prayer ofthe righteous avails Inuich, faith Saint yaws 5 .Chapt. t 6. ve'rf The working prayer, fo the word íignifies, and fach a working, that notes the molt livelieft aCtivity that can bee. Birds, whofe motion is on high fly fwit iy when they aregot up, but flutter when they rebelow,fo the fpirits ofthegod- ly, when they are got up on high to God in fpirituall exercifes , then they move lively: but when theyare buffed in inferiour things, theyare oft tunes dulland heavy. twelfthiy,