Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A gracïams fiery the third of Fra 'ice the Angels protestingof h arid then they thew im a crown of l,,ry, and ffa v,Lord re- fpet this thy arm.°, and ex.xUt over of thy ju ice ; then foure J iùit9 are ap- pointed privately t fpz.ak with him; they tell him that tkYev fee a divine lrt- flre in his face, which moves them to fall down andkil`fe his feet, and nowhe is no more a mortall man they envy his happineffe, every oae fighing and faying Would toGod I were in your roorme, that I might efcapc Pirgatory, and go irnrnfdiatly into Paradif(-; but ifthey perceive him to fhrink and bee troubledafter all ths, they will foLw- time'; affright himwith terrible k^aári. dons in the night, and fometimes have theVirgin Mary,and the Angels appear before him,Stc, Thus you tee, how the )j2 Will have mvnsfpiiits fit for their work; and when theyare fit, thenhee ufes them , aid not b, fore; math more will God look to have the fp s its of his fervants fit for their e;nployments, and then onely he delights to rife them, and thofe are the fpirtts who highlyac- counted of , who aceexceedingly hono- rable,