Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and a precio fpirit. table in the fight ofGod,wbo are fitted for his own fervice. Seventhly , this puts a luífre of Ma- jet y ;end beauty urn a man. Wifdom (muchmore all the excellencies of this Spirit) makes a mans face to thine ; as the light of,a Lanternputs a luffre upon the Langrn , fo the brightncffe of r. hefe fpirits puts a luftha upon the men in I whom they arc. Men of fuch fpirits as I thefe are, having adaunting prefence is the eyes of thofe who behold them. It Gregor.orxt. is reported of , tha, fuch was the de i ,udiks majefty and lullre .fhis fpitit , appea. Bqflli. ring inhis very countenance, that when the Emperour V4lens came unto him, Whilebewas in hply exercifes , that it firuck fuch a ter.roue into him , that hee reeled, and hay.+ fallen , had he not been upheld by thoíè that ; ere with him. When theOfficers came to take Chrtff, he did but lay , I any bee, and let out a beam of the Majeíty of his Defy, it ffruck fuch a fcare in them,as made them all fall backward : This spirit hath a beam of this MajeLty , and foinewhat of the daunting po Nor ofit : how un- ableare wicked men to convtríe with men 93