Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

v.,...: _ A gracious frtrlt. men of fuch fpirits ? They often goc from their company convinced fell- condemned their confcienccs trou- bled, and their hearts daunted in them. a. Eighthly, this fpirit makes wen fit for any condition that God dull put them into ; hey know how toyechi to God, to finde out Goth meaning, to carry them (elves ineverycondition fo as to IN ork out hat which God would have by it ; which wen of ordinary fpirits cannot doe. Saint Paul was a manofa moll admirable Tweet fpirit, and he thews it mu( h in this ; I know (fayes he) haw to want aMdhow to abound; how to beefall andhors to bee empty Flee could goe through goodreport andevil report , and keeps his way Dill , and carry his work before hill, It is the weakneffe andvanity of our fpirits that makesus think, that ifwe were in fuch and filch a condition, thenwe could do thus orthus ;t1-,is is a temptation tohin- der us from the duties %f the ptefent condition, by puttingour thoughtsup- onanother. It is heexcellency of ones fpirit, if the ppefept coudir?on be not futable to the minde,tomake th, minde futable