Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

3 a choice and arreciousfririt. 94 futahle to thecondition,that theprefeat which God cals to, maygo on. When a joynt in the body is fet right, it enables not onely to moveone way without Paine, but to move any wayaccording to the ufeof the them- her ; f :r hereones fpitit is kt right, it dcth taco orrly enab!e to go on with {haie comfort in one conditions butin any c t'ndition that God cals unto , to ca y on rhv workof thatcondition with : and hence the recovering of the á -tarit from a diflemperedcondition to light f sane , is compared to the fetting of a n5r rober in joynt : As Gal, 6. 1. if aman beovertaken in a fault, ye which are fp,aatfall5 re/lore fuch a one in the %pirit of 1a s7fs weeknefe: the word lignifies, Put him T47O';TOYa into ;oyat again. And here you have had tt' e recovery ,, asofwhat this other iipiritis, fówherein the excellencie of his oth r fpirit lies ; now then let us make Application ofall CHAl.