Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

96 AQ'rAlc19tlS ¡p1rtt. C H A P, II I. diPovery to the men trf theway' Id, where- 6y they may fee that thtir [pints ,are not like the f irit.r of godly men. Erice let themen ofthe world fie, therc is a great diflcf enct . bçtween their fpirits,and the ipirts d fthegodly. There are men indeed of excellent 10- rits, God hath frech in the world, whomhe delights , withwhom hecor- i verfes,whrm he employes in h;41, and I excellent fervices hut you tr;n oi bafe, fordid , unclean f pirits ; the fpirit of vvhordome , of lyirg , ffubbornnef.ie, vanity , folly is in ou g your .fpi; i:s droffïe , , froward , malicious, proph,ane, flcight, empty , unfavoi y, unfaithfuÍ', perverfc What deligtst can theLord, who is an infinite , holy, glorious Spirit, take in tuch : HowEr are thefe from any communion will God : Nomarvell though nothing cf God., or any fpir'ituafl.. thing be favory to them. Oa the corrupt principles that mensfpirits are pofleffed with, the cor- 1