Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

4 choice and apiecieusfpirit 1o7 fhould wehonor men inwhomwemay feeDivine 'pints, the luftre ofheavenly graces fhinine in them ? But to thew V more particularly that godly men are to be highly. prizes in regard ofthis o- the r fpit it 5 as theyhave received a fpi- rit differing from other men, fo they are to have efteeme and honour differing from other men ; not to b:. lookedat as common en: for, Fitt! , thisAdiff'eTenct. of their fpiri!s from other men. is a certain figneof the eternal lour of Goduntothew; it comes from the rreafure of Gods everlafting iove,ofthat choice fpecial loveof God, from the bowers of Gods deepeft mer- cies : it is a moll infallible argument, that Godhash let hus heart upon them for good ; as for other favours a man may have themmore then other men , yet they areno fuch but may (land with Gods hatred, and wi:h his eternal! wrath : and this is agreat difference be- tween fpirituali mercies, and outward mercies, which lets anexceeding high prizce upon fpirituall merciesabove all others: thcfe are thediftinguifhingmer ciest which others are not. But, Secondly,