Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

IoS :0 AgractDlaS Secondly , fpï, it receiving thefe fpiridual excellencies foal GAs choice (verlaffing Live, receives h.kevvife all other mercies fro al the fame fountairae; though in their own nature they bee commonmercies, yet where thisoñher fpirit is, there they are received from mother fountain then other men re- ceive 'them , vhiçh, addes much fvvee.t- neífe and excellency 'to the mercies we have; they come as fruits of thecom- mon bounty and gf-nerall goodneffe of G-)d to ordinary men;, bot tomeu thus :d;ff°t enccd from others , thev come out of' the fpiing of the rich treafures of Gods grace, tending to the furtherance ( ofeternail mercies. Thirdly, The Lord bath anefpecial,l eye upon and delight to dtivel with thefe, who are of choice ald excellent fpirits ; flee will dwell with the. contrite bean , to revive the (pint a` the humble, Efity 57. i 5. He h: 'th. a fpeciali care of thefe fpirits, that theybenot faile be- fore him ; he puts under his hand , to fupport, comfort, revive them. When wti beat ordinary fpius, We heed nor fo rauch everyduff, but fome flies outand falsj ._- -----%