Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and aprecious #irit. falson I be ground ; But if Beazer- ftone or forne flaiall choyce cottl_y fpice be beaten, t'oeh ;here x,., care hadof every duff , cli.,r i tie 'ieAt 'be. not loft ; So thougi God may arnia the choyceft fpints of his fçrvanTs , yet he is very careful!. that their fpirits faite not be- forehim; as for other common ordi- nary fp rirs, he cares not much to let them fs.i i(),xr.ú firk in their añ-l-idion;bu-t I this is r2I .cnercEfull care of God over thofeipr:';ÿs , whomhe highly efteerns of. Fourthly g The excellencies of this fgirit,areEre: ,lexcel lencies,they (hall abi`efor ever, not vaniíh, not be taken away a co (talon gifts and other mer-. cies (hall, as EechP 46. 17. If a Prinq give of ha inheritance to one ofhis fer- vants ,¿`t is t® behis butfor a time, 6andto returnunto thePrince irgáine; but his inhe- ritance (hall be to his f nnes , for themfor ever: So when Godgives any th.ilg ro commonmen ,'whoarebut his fervants at beft, ir mutt return again 7 Gt dwill call for ail his merciesfrom themavin, but rhefe ít ulc-mercies of 'his children, lhall be their inheritanceforeveroHence God