Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

Yb s Elec`fis. A gracious [pirit. Godcals his Church, an eternall c xcelfen- cy, E f a y,6o. z 5. But fifthly, andprincpally , thefe o- ther fpirits are moft honourable crea- tures indeed, becaufe they are refereed for othermercies ; God gives common mercies to common fpirits, but he re- ferves his choicemercies for choice fpi-. 1 rits. With thepare, thou wilt /hcry thyPelf pure, faithDavid, in the 2 Sam. 22. 27. The words are , with the choice thou wilt thew thy felfchoice. Abraham gave IJhmael andHIgar a bottleof waterand a few rairns, and Pent them away ; but the inherivance was refeived for Ifaac. So God gives toother net a fewordi- nary mercies , but his glorious mercir s he referves for thefe peculiar ones: and, as it is laid of9ehofophat , 2 Cbran. 21. 3. hegave ocher fonnes great gifts of flyerandgold, precious things, fenced Gities,but theKingdorne he gave to Ie- hararn. becaufe he was the firft-born: So Godgives thefe! o&itward trercies too- ther men , butthe mercies of his King- dome are - refereed for thefe men of choice fpirits , who are the firlf born) thecheit andmolt excellent of ail Gods creatures