Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choke and apreciow.rfpirit creatures in this worlds New Ave are the fames ofGod, faith$" yob; ,but itapp.:ars net what weJhallbe; thete is more f.co come hereafter, theyhave not fpirits that will be larisfiedwith the things of this world and the efore are not as ordinary men, whohave theirportion in the things of this world. God delights tofu' the ca- pacities ofall iris creature.., with futable good ; now thefeother fpirts, by that choyce excellency of them , are made capable offarce higher mercies then the world can afford ; they m eft bee the good- things of anotherworld that can fill them an. thole are referved for them. Thebodies of the Saints,becaufe they are joyned to fuih preciousfoules, (hall be like the glory of the Sun, yea, excel! ingloory.How glorious then than their fou k:s be, for whvife f ke their bo- dies fhadl be thus glorious a Wee look upouu great hares,.whohave great inhp- rttances to come, with high efteeme, though they have little fir the prelent Thefe are the great hcires of heaven; Coheirs with jefus Chrift himfelf;thefe they are, who are de&ivered from the wra, htocomeand ro be made partakers' of(