Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

-.------ II2 _____----- ,gracious of the ,>>10 y that is ro. ea%Rd, The Lord ; gives ci ern no g yfat matte-s in sornparifon now, becauíe f'e bath refer- ved fo much for them aft,. iwards. As nature is not veryexqrihte inher work in interim tl,ein2s , where ih intends fome higher excelrency á So the GOd of Natture, intending Inch high andglori- ous thin,:s hereafter forhis zain s, doch not fi much regard togive them thefe inferiour ti:ings for thepr: fenr. But what are thofe referved mercies you fpeakof , that Godhath for t;ef r Notentending a °T'reatif? ofriiat ry,thátGodhath torhis choiceones,ore- ly rake thefe five generals. Firff, .% here mercies are prepared mercies T prepared before the fo.,ndaá tions : (Ifthe world w1/4-Jr- laid , and again prepared by Jk:fus Ghu iff , who is ,: one before toheaven to that d, ash- tels r s n r mfe lf, Toprepare 11?arfio74.< for 1on 14. r. Now this is fp ken after thetrianner of men, v , hodoe troc ufe to make long and great prepara ions hut . for forr.,egre.lt work in hand: Surely , t[lefe mercies tauft needs begreat,which the wifdo.me, power and mercy of God,