Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

_, a choice and a precinu fpirit, 113 God, bath been from all eternity pre- paring. Secondly , They areother mercies, thenAdams thenMankinde fhould have had,then theycould haveAttainedunto; if he had flood in his innocetìcie. Man indeed fhould then have been forever happy; but not according to that height of happineffe,andglory that ntiw is pro- vided for thole, whoare thebeloved of the Lord. Thirdly, TheCe referved mercies are fuchas mutt let out Gods magnanimity, th:t God may fhAw ro Angels, and all his creatures what his infinite vvifdomme$ power, arid goodneffecando lot poore creatures, to raife their conditions , toa height ofglary; fìarely than gloryMutt needs be high, that is railed to that end. If a King fhould doe any thing of pun- pore to (hew his magnificence, it mutt needs be forrie great thing it is not a common ordinary thing , that can let forth the magnificence oft à King ; much leffe that can frt forth the magnificence of the great Ged. When Aha 'uierid would make a feaft and ÑebuckadrieZ: zar wouldbuild a Palace , to (hewct o . _ . t heir