Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

8 _ their people their greatncff, thy were greatthings; foPurely here,that which mutt thew the greatneffe of the great God,muft needsbe great indeed. Fourthly , Thefe mercies muff he fuck, asmaythew toAngelsand all the world,howinfinitely well pleafed God the Father is with the obedience of his Sonne, ingiving hiinfelf up to death, for thepurchafeofmercy t Surely that mercy thus purchafed, mull needs bee great. Ifthere hadbeen no higher good forman,buttocat and dtink,and tohave pieafure in the flefh , certainly Chrift wouldnever havedied, to have purcha- fed this ; but there were higher things then there which Chrift lookedat,thefe arc but poore things for God to thew by themhow infinitely he is well plea- fed with the obedienceof his fonne to the death ; that which muff demonffrate this, cannot but be very great what ever it be, and that, yea the fulneffeof that, is the mercy referved for thefe choice ones. Fifily, Other mercies (in forne re- fpc t higher) then the veryWetted An- gels themíeives have ; For, Agracias párit,