Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

I22 grdcioas fortitude, then lof/i , David, Giideas, Barak , and others , who through faith fubdued Kingdonies e ¡iebr, a 1.32,33. That isbafencifc. of fpirit, and want of valour, that makes a man a llave tofin, and theDevil! ; foa lbve,as he hathno earttoanyworthy fèrvice,tofreebim- elffrom it ; but 1 Y es down under it, and carryes the fetters and yoak ofhis bondage 2 nut withhim, whitherfoe- ver he goes. That is cowardly bafenes that brings confcience into a fervile fubjeetion, thatcowardiybateneffe that will Puffer the caufe of God to be be- trayed , rather then venture any thing forit ; whatgreater argument that men want true fpirir, then this Godlineffe putsa fpirit of fortitudeintomen, that willnot fuller them tobe thus debated andwhereappearcs the likecourage in any, as in thefe, when they arecalled to fland for the truth a Though all the Tiles of the houfes in the City of Wormes , were Devils , yet thither would I go to tcftifie to the truth, faith Lather Again, it is nöt a turbulent fpirit for turbulencyof fpirit makes mencru- dl