Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

choiceand .tprecious (pint. 123 ell andmalicious ; thisfpirit caufesmen to love their enemies, to do _° all the good they can to them: turbulent fpi- rits leekonly theirown ends, theycare not what becomes ofothers; fo it bee that they may but warm themfelves, they care not what houle be on fire: They are boyfterous in things that concerne therfelves. Butthe Saintsof God, in whom this other fpirit rules, they arc meek and gentle, and yeeld- able in their owncaufe, ready to put up wrong in all cluietneffe: take them in things that one ly concern tmemfelves, and you (hall findenone fo readily , fo freely, fo cheerfully denying thctn- fèlves, as they. And again , turbulent fpirits doe not love to examine things by rule, to call things to account, but follow their own fieryhumour, and fet upon their ownwill with violence: but god lineffe takes off men from this rug- gedneffe and turbulency of fpirit, and makes them gentle and peaceable : let them be never fo forward,neverfo zea- lous inany thing, yet if you will call them to examine things by rule, they will meekly and patiently hear you; yea,