Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

az muotiwir. AgrQ6Z4u.î ner yea, a childe fhall leade them, Efay ii. 6. And yet further ; turbulent theyare not ; for none more obedient toautho- rity then they ; none fee that Majeffy ofGod in Authority, as they doe; none obey Authority out of concfcience fo as theydoe. Ifthe will of men inautho- rity,r.atherthenauthority, fhall require any thing that the authority of Heaven forbids,thac theydoe not;becaufe they cannot obey, for confcience fake: And fo facreddoe they account Authority, that they wouldhave no obedienceper- formed t., it, butobedience forconfci-' ence fake Blind obedience the Church of CoeSaath long agoe ex !oiled, as too fervile for Chriftian fpirits : this were more fervile then felling mens bodies in the Market for fives, which Chriftianity abhors. It were too un- chartirab!e a conceit ofChriffian Magi- fttra::es,to think thatthey fhould require of, or expect from any, other obedi- ence, then in, and for the Lord ; and in this obedience,thofe whoare god ly,are fo forward, as they are judged turbu- I lent, forbeing over-forward, to main- taire the honourof Authority, as forne think