Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and a precious f iril. think 5 when according to their places they promote the execution of laws made by authority, and that of Mofe laws which are of the higheft conk- quence for the furtheranceof Pietyand Peace. Again, faíious fpirits theyare not, becaufe they ftek above all things to keep to the mainrenanceof, and obedi- ence to the Primitive : ruth ; that is fa- ¿nion that f .des again( that. Tertullian hash a notableexpreffion inhis Apolo- gyfor the Chriftians againft the Gen- tiles, tocleare Gods people from being men of facîious fpirits : it feernes that afperfion was calf upon them then, which was ::!bout 1400 yeares agoe s, his expreífionwas this, Who;goodmen, whenhoneft menmeet-together,when godly menaregathered together,it is nit tobecal- ledafaíiion, bat a Courts, andon the contra- ry, the nameofa `ion, fayes he, is to be ap- plyedto them , whoconfpre to the hatredof goodand honefl men. and thus muchof the firif branchof the life,whichwas the reprehenfionof the vile conceits that risen had ofthis otherfpirit; Now the.fecond followes, which Cum band, cumprobi co- cunt,cumpii, cum c r fÌi congreganti° non eft faccio dicenda, fed curia ; é9 è contrario,ilác nomen faeli- onisaccom- modandum efi,qui in au- diem bono- rum ( pro- borum confpi- rant. Tertul,A- pol.ad.verG Gentes,cap s 3 9 num., 5 io