Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

12 s gracious fpirit. which is the rebuking ofthe menofthe world, for the ill ufe they give tomen who are offuch excellent fpirits. The excellencies of the fpiritsofthe godly, doechallengeall the good ufe that can be, but it is little they meet withal! ; theyarefor themolt part abufedby the menofthis vileworld , as if theywere the vildif fcurfe and filth ofthe earth yea, fo indeed theyaccount them; fo a iX. p- faith Saint Paul , i cor.4,13. Wee are ¡.ca?a7úXI. made em thefilth oftheworld, andare the of. '- Pouring of allthingsunto his days Why e 4ftihot, what was Saint Paul, and what were thofe that werewithhim, whowas fo accounted of a were theynot men of molt excellent and admirable fpirits t' S. Paul was one ofthemolt excellent fpirited men that ever livedupon the earth, and didas much fervice for God, as ever anymeere mandid fence the bed. ginning of the world ; and yet how vilelywas he thought of a how con- temptibly was heulcdt'put into Rocks, and whipped ; wanted cloathes and vi- duals .? And for theothers that were with S Pad, theywere men ofwhom theholy Ghoft gives this witneffe, that they