Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

4 choke and ßpreriouspirit. S 121 they were the very glory of Jefus Chrift,2Ccr.8.23. Ounwarthywotld, that ever they should have fuch men liveamongít theca ! Thofe who are the delight of A els,yea,ofGod himfeif, how arc they abufed in this wicked world, as ifthey were dogs, or the ba- lefl fcuwmcand filthoftheearthyWhat fcorn andcontempt is caft upon them f the moil ab1edofinen think themfelves good enough to reproach and abufe i them. Were t not a grievous fight to feefortebafedsuge tohave power over thebody of fome noble Prince, toa- bufe it by ftripes, or any other contu- melious forded manner e but a more grievous thing it is to fee the vile and bale fpirits of the world , who are no- thing but finksof filth themffelves, to abufe men of fuch noble andexcellent fpirits , as ifthey were more vile then dirt a It was thebittercornplaint of9e- remy, Lenent. 4. 2. that the precious Eons of Sion, comparable to fine gold, wcreeftcerncd as earthen pitchers.Such asblcffed fpirits would honour ifthey ' had themwith them, yet 'here theyarc caft out as filth. What gricfe fucient to