Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

.4 gracin:ra _pit. to lament the feeingoffuck filoy fwine to trample under their feet filch preci- ous pearls' in all ages thus it bath been. Thofe who were indeed the true hono- rableuponthe earth, filch precioús and excellent fp.rited men , as ofwhom the world was not worthy; and yet they h:ivebeenmoll vilelyabufed,and are fo hill by this wretched world, who know not wherein trueworth and excellency confifls. Mattb.,. z t. Ghrit tellinghis Difciples how ill the world would uíe them, he tels them , they have good We from it, as the Prophet had before theca. Hoc/erns Michaiab (amanofa very fweet and excellent fpirit) contu- melioufly ufed e he was firuck on the mouth, íhut up in ptifon tobe fed with water and bread ; yea, with the water and breadofafií` ion, while 43o falfe Prophte , moil bare ípirited men, were fed delicately at 1efabets table. How was leremiab ufed e he was thrown in. to thedungeon , cluck upalmofl to the cares inthemire; theWord oftheLord was made a reproach unto himdaily. David before them, (aman in whom Gods foul delighted, yethe) complains of