Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

138 Agracious fpirit, much evil in a life differing from the fpi- rit, as ina fpirit diffrring from the life e If a man feems to be godly , andis not, it is an argument the man is vile who will thusplay the hypocrite ; but it is a commendation togod lima , that men will account the veryTeemingof it tobe honourable; but if a man hath godli- nefl'e in his heart , and yet his life beno other then other mens, this would ar- gue that a man were afhamcd ofgodli- nes it fell: here godiineife it felt would fuffer; as Wit were fuck a difhonourable thing, as would bring íhame to a man, if itdid tppeare; as it' though indeed it muff be referved in the heart, fornecef' hty fake,yet it muff be kept down, not fuffered to appear in the life, for feare it be adifgrace to men. Is not here then as greatanevill, inthis way ofdffïmula- tion as in the other :' Better all the men ofthe worldhad thymeca(f upon them, Çn that godlines fhould have the leaf -Sin. Surely then, where the fpirirsof men beother fpirits,fingular choice fpi- rics, their lives ought,and muff needs be other lives, ungular from other men. Theirconícienccwitneffes to them,that their