Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice an,d a precious fpirit, their fpirits are changed , that they are other from that they were ; yea, and witncfTcs for them , that their lives are other lives , fingular from other men; and in this witnefl`e their foules re- ioyCe. But is there not a proudphantaflical fingularity ? maynot pridc,fuller nneffe, and fancy , carry men on in fingular wages, differing from othermen. con- '' ceiting themselves to be wiaer then o- ?hers, loving to fatisfie forte odde hu- mours of their own If it were any choiceneif. , or rx..-ellencyoftheir fpi- tits , t wereanother matter , we would not i peak again{f theirs ? but it is this proud, hypocriticall, humorous fingu- larity, we fpeakagainfl. To this I antwer ; If you iñdeed 1 fhoulddo as theydo, ifyou fhould live after a different manner from the com- moncourfcof the world,, havingno o- ther principles then thole you have, it wouldcertainly befngularity,prid,hy- pocrifie,& 1jumorinyou; and thus your 1 confciences would tell you,and that be- ; c lure you had not principles to carry you out in this way, you havenot fpi- rits 139