Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

1 .4 gracious ÌPirit, ritsfutable to it ; andyou judgingofo- thers, by that you feele in your (elves, this makes you to ;think , the diffrcnt wayes ofGods fervanrs, is onely fro n pride, and humorous f lgularity; yea, and they themfelves know, that there was a time indeed , wherein if they Mouldhave done , as now they doe, it "would have been no other in thcm,then thatyou now accule themof; namely, when their fpirits were , as other mens fpiritsare ; but now they know , they haveother principles , other qualifica- tions offpirit then formerly theyhad. But furely youdoe not think indeed, that their different lives do come from proud, and humorous fingularflty ; for ifyou did, why did yourconfciences fo well approve ofthem , when you lip° on your lick beds e when you apprehend your felves going before thegreat God, then you could wifh it were with you as itis with theca. But what fayyou s' ifyou thought it werenot from this pride,and conceited- nef eyou fpeakof thenyouwould think it w9re'wel ; then you would joyn in f jui`ifying of char+, if you were lure it were