Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and aprecionsfpirit. were froma choice, excellent fpirit in them. Well then, let Gods fervants rejoyce inthis, that they know it is not from pride, that it is not from humour, that they run not into exceffe of riot as o- thers doe, but from the work of God upon theirfpiriLs,and this witneffe they have for themfelves , this they have to encourage themfelves in , that if the menofthe worlddidbut know their principles fromwhence they work , as they know them themfelves , even they would juftifie both them and their way's. But futther we muft know there is a way of God that is reali , that tends to life; what ever way it be , this is certain, it muft bedifferent from the common cou rfe of the world ; and if this be not it , in whichGods people do walk; tell us what is that way , and wee will walk in it. TheScripture tels us,the way to life is narrow,and that few walk in it; and the other way is broad that tends todeath; wecannot thereforebut feare , when we feethe mark of a way that leads to death. Chrifts flock is but a little flock, Luke iz. 32. Fcare not little t I